Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coming soon - Original Drama - "Burley & Brunt"

Excited by rumours of a new crime drama coming to our screens shortly...

"Burley & Brunt" is a series about news duo,  Burley - news presenter famous for her brutal interviewing technique - and Brunt - intrepid investigator who looks like he lives on a diet of Bourbon and Woodbines and very little sleep.

Between them they reveal breaking stories of grisly crimes no other news crew has the stomach to investigate and viewers tune in to see who Burley will reduce to tears with her heartless one-liners and what gory details Brunt has discovered, usually long before the police!

Certain to get a BAFTA nomination, "Burley & Brunt" will have you glued to your screen and begging for more (or mercy) ;-)

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