Monday, 10 September 2012

PMQs in pictures - 05-09-12

Returning from his various summer holidays, David Cameron looked
bloated and tired during Prime Minister's Questions...
Declining to answer the Labour leader's questions, the Prime Minister
instead returned to his usual line that it's all Labour's fault...
Ed Miliband said the paralympics crowd had spoken for the whole
country when they responded to the Chancellor's arrival...
The Prime Minister accused the Labour leader of not being "butch"
enough; Cameron does tend to resort to personal attacks when
he gets defensive - he did this a lot with Gordon Brown...
Cameron (looking more portly by the minute) declared the coalition
was a "strong and united government", to the delight of
opposition benches...
The Prime Minister looked relieved to have got to the end of the
Labour leader's questions... With Andy Coulson out of the picture
these days, we see a David Cameron that's a lot less cocky...
PMQs images property of BBC

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