Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mainstream media's fixation with celebrities, draws eyes away from the real injustice in Palestine

Despite global condemnation of Israeli terror attacks on Palestinian civilians, through the summer months, which left 2,200 dead, (many of them children) and devastated the region's housing and infrastructure, and eventually lead to an agreed ceasefire, the oppression of innocent civilians appears to be going on regardless, as it has done for 40 years.

Plastic coated, steel bullets and those famous tear gas cannisters are reported to have been fired at any Palestinians the IDF chooses to attack, including school children as young as 4 years of age, and homes and farmland continue to be destroyed to make way for more of those illegal settlements. 

In fact, while the eyes of the world were busy weeping over the relentless bombing of Gaza and the daily images being shared on social media, of children's mutilated bodies, across in the West Bank, it was business as usual, and construction was able to go on, off-camera, to satisfy the Zionists voracious appetite for land. 

As always, stories of innocent children's suffering, mean little to the mainstream media, there has, however, been a lot of coverage of incidents involving "celebrities".

When caustic comedian, Joan Rivers, declared in a filmed rant, that Palestinians deserve to die, and the majority of them, who democratically elected Hamas, are too stupid to even hold a pencil, no-one could have predicted the hideous twist of fate, as the 81 year old, who has made a living out of mocking the suffering of others, went on to experienced cardiac and respiratory arrest, during an operation to repair vocal cords.  Doctors have been reported as fearing the comic could be left "a vegetable or in a wheelchair". In fact, she might not even be able to hold a pencil, to use her own phrase.

Elsewhere, a Zionist terror attack on the streets of London, left Bradford MP, George Galloway hospitalised and nursing facial injuries and heavily bruised ribs, when an IDF fanatic launched a totally unprovoked and brutal attack on the Respect politician, for daring to criticise Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.

Corporate media reported this vicious beating, almost as an "and finally..." piece of no real significance, but were this an attack by a Muslim extremist, on an innocent member of the public in Britain, it would surely have been treated as a terror attack, with the appropriate punishment for such a serious crime being demanded by the terrified public.

The spreading of religious hate and violence is happening insidiously, and largely under the public's radar, as world leaders sleepwalk their way into World War Three, which some are suggesting, is what they have wanted all along.

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