Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cowardice and impotence in our leaders, drive more and more people to look for a better way of living

Reading the news online yesterday evening, I was elated to learn of the long-term ceasefire agreement, between the Israeli government and the people of Gaza, following fifty days of aggressive, almost non-stop, bombing of the densely inhabited enclave.

Clearly there is a long way to go, before the Palestinian population will be able to enjoy the full human rights, they justifiably demand, with full freedom to come and go as they wish, a lifting of the blockade and freedom to trade and so on, but a cessation to the constant shelling, which has cost over 2,000 lives, over 500 of them children and babies, and flattened much of the region, has to be a welcome sign.

As relieved as everyone is, there is also a great deal of anger, that the IDF seem to have the power to launch these attacks every so often, on a captive, civilian population, the world largely turning a blind eye…

In other news, I learned a report into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal, revealed 1,400 vulnerable children had been sexually assaulted, gang raped, trafficked, beaten and terrorised over a period of sixteen years, their cries for help, ignored by police, because the situation was considered to be “culturally sensitive”, the perpetrators involved, being men, mainly, from the local Asian community.

Accounts like this, naturally, make me as upset as the next person.

And it occurred to me, that a similar theme links these two stories – incredible, inexcusable cowardice, when it comes to standing up to violent aggressors, through fear of being labelled a racist.  And tragically, letting a rogue state, or a predatory gang, get away with crimes committed against some of the most vulnerable people in our world, is actually likely to end up in even more racism, the neo-fascists exploiting the situation in both circumstances, as they always do.

Our senior police officers and heads of state, alike, seem utterly pathetic, contemptible and impotent in the extreme, allowing themselves to be held to ransom by a bunch of disgusting, brutal thugs willing to use dreadful racism of the past to intimidate anyone who dares to challenge their obscene behaviour today.

It’s no surprise that people are becoming disillusioned by politics generally, and politicians specifically. More and more are joining movements which seek a better way to run the world, a culture which thrives on compassion and ethics and co-operation and collaboration rather than the hellish chaos we’re enduring right now, which is always destined to be more focussed on competition and conflict.

The second part of this article will explore the way human beings have allowed themselves to be divided up into nations and faith groups, skin colours and sexual orientation groupings, the futility of that in a world crying out for people to connect and come together…

I leave for now, with a Primal Scream track, which should be an anthem for progressives throughout the world… Bobby Gillespie, of course, who was (as always) one of the first public figures to come out in early July, in support of the people of Palestine…

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