Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Anti Semitism is not anti Zionism.

I read this articulate piece, written by the Admin, on the Official Eran Efrati Facebook page, and feel inspired and compelled to share it everywhere...

Anti Semitism is not anti Zionism.
Anti Zionists do not believe they are inferior.
They do not believe in oppression of others.
They do not believe in obsessive nationalism which makes their country better than yours.
(Nationalism and obsessive patriotism by ANY country in this day and age is an unhelpful scourge on the earth)
They do not believe in systematic corruption and crippling countries in wars and debt to make immense profits for themselves while ignoring the poor, destitute, the harshly done by.
They do not treat people like they are just another business transaction.
They do not believe in racism.
They do not believe everyone but themselves should get off this planet.
They do not believe in wanting to strip the world of peace and harmony by ruling politics, banking and media with lies, unfairness, scams and trickery.
They believe everyone is equal.
If you believe everyone is equal then you are an anti Zionists- you just hadn't given yourself a name yet.
If people still somehow can't understand, then they are unwittingly mind-controlled racist Zionists (regardless of their nationality, race, religion, social standing, whatever) unable to think for themselves, supporting destroying the earth and supporting the upheaval of it- economically, fiscally and racistly- they too, just hadn't given themselves a name yet.
They have one now.
The masses are Zionists by proxy- swallowing up the propaganda they are fed by Zionists to take the heat and focus off the masks they wear, and they ignore and mindlessly dismiss the harsh realities which enables them to forget that they have more in common with us than with their own Zionist oppressors.
They have become mindless sheeple.
They can be saved with re-education.
Zionists don't even like or respect the very people who defend them and do their dirty work for them- they only like and respect other Zionist Jews.
#AntiZionist #LoverOfAwakeAntiZionistJews


Please feel free to share it too, as often as you can, to educate, inspire and help people find the courage and confidence to talk about the injustices they see around them.

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