Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Those 2014 Fireworks in full - Austerity? What Austerity??

Once again, the Tories have misjudged the mood of the nation in spectacular style, as only they could. 

As millions of people struggled to get through the toughest Christmas yet, with utility bills soaring, and nearly 350,000 dependent on food banks (according to a report by The Trussell Trust), the Tories pulled out all the stops, to lay on a pyrotechnics extravaganza- which also included peach snow, edible banana confetti and orange-scented bubbles - to take our minds off how miserable and desperate day to day living has become for so many families, as the government continues to bleed the poorest dry to pay for the irresponsible banking, which crashed the UK economy.
I actually can't watch this, it makes me physically sick to see such an obscene and wreckless waste of money, when so many vulnerable people are left starving on the streets.

Link to the Trussell Trust article on food banks

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